Size Chart ~ Plain Bog Dress and Tapestry Vest

The tapestry vest and the plain bog dress offer you a fit that is perfect for the longer-waisted individual. These 2 designs accommodate the well endowed very well. If you are looking for some cleavage, you may choose to purchase an item that is sized at or below usual size.


  Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large  
Bust 31-33" 34-36" 37-38" 41-42" 45-47" 48-50"  
Waist 26-28" 29-31" 33-34" 37-38" 40-42" 43-46"  

With a tape measure, measure your bust size with either a bra that has no padding or no bra at all. Then measure your true waist size. If you find that your measurements  are in the gap between sizes,  choose to order the size smaller if you want cleavage, or if you want a comfortable fit, choose a size larger.

If you want cleavage, my rule of thumb is that you can fit up to 4" of soft tissue into the next smaller size.

For example, if your bust is 44" and your waist is 37", you would order an xl to get a good fit at the waist and you will have cleavage. The dress or bodice should fit very well.

For any further questions about sizing, please send me an email.