Children's Renaissance wear

Welcome to Four Winds Clothing.
Our website will enable you to order your designer or Ren apparel online.

I am offering face masks in adult and children's sizes. Please check out the masks which go for $11 each and all my other wonderful clothing choices.

  • Iowa Renaissance Festival & Gathering o'Celts -May 29,30,31 and June 5-6 2021. It is happening and we will be there!!!
  • The Bristol Renaissance Faire, weekends July 10-11 through to Sept 4,5,6. It is happening and we will be there!!!!

I gather the finest quality fabrics from all over — the four winds, if you will. This includes beautiful silk brocades, silk velvets and hand painted silk from China and India, wonderful cottons and linens, and some of the highest quality canvas

Even though these fabrics are of the highest quality, I still offer my clothing at very reasonable prices. Enjoy exploring the site, and you'll find gorgeous fabrics and comfortable attire. You'll feel the difference for yourself. 


Rachel Roang
Designer and owner