Women's Renaissance Outfits

Take a look at yourself in one of these outfits and you'll be transported to another time.The natural fibers make them breathable and comfortable no matter the season.

Left photo
Fancy Bog Dress, Black & Gold  $170
Voille Liene      $110.
Buy this outfit for  $280.

Right photo
Plain bog dress in tan  $170.
Burgundy liene  $110.
Burgundy hooded cloak  $120.
Buy this outfit for  $400.

You can put together a winning outfit  using our separates. The skirt fabric is meant to coordinate with the vests etc. Contact me for help in assembling your perfect look. Here are two of our many possibilities.

Left photo
Short voille liene  $98.
Diamond skirt  $84.
Gored skirt  $60.
Silk tapestry vest  $88.
Buy this outfit for  $330.

Right photo
U-neck vest  $88.
Peasant top  $64.
Gored skirt  $60.
Buy this outfit for  $212.

Be a nymph in either of these winning combinations. Cool, fun and flirty!

Left photo
Silk tapestry vest   $88.
Nymph dress    $60.
Diamond skirt   $84.
Buy this outfit for  $232.

Right photo
Nymph dress  $60.
Diamond Sheath  $44.
Buy this outfit for $104.

Left photo 
Another popular outfit with layered diamond skirts.

Tapestry vest $88.
Voille liene shirt $90.
Short diamond skirt $48.
Long diamond skirt $84.
Buy the outfit for $310.

Right photo
Velvet mantle and Kirtle.
Authentic and romantic.

Kirtle  $170.
Velvet Mantle  $120
Buy the outfit for $290.


Email me with any questions regarding how to put together a great outfit for yourself!