A traditonal Celtic style of underdress, the liene's most prominent feature is the very large sleeves.We offer this style in both the linen and the one pictured here which is a lightweight and sheer cotton voille. WIth either fabric there is a drawstring down the sleeve that can adjust the sleeve length, as well as deep "pockets" in each sleeve which look a bit faerie- like, and are practical for storage. The neckline is low, yet can be placed at just the level that the wearer wishes for under a bodice or bog dress.

Because the voille is so light and aerie, it is often the liene of choice in the hot summer months.
The linen liene is most traditional and  looks beautiful under a bog or bodice (pictured is pink linen liene worn under a bog dress).

One size fits most. If your hip size is larger than 50", please contact me.
Hand wash cold. Drip dry.

100% cotton voille or all natural linen blends.Contact me for specific color choices before ordering.


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