Men's Renaissance Sizing Chart

Men's Renaissance Sizing Chart


Men like to have a comfortable fit on these. they should not be super tight.  The size chart below indicates the fullest extent of the measurement.  Example, Your chest is a size 43 and waist is a 40. The perfect size for you would be a size medium, with the chest measuring 45 and waist 42.  This will give you a bit of wiggle room so you will have the perfect fit.

Size Chart for Men's Vests
  xtra small small medium large xtra large 2x
chest               38 42 45 48 53 57
waist 33 38 42 47 50 54       


Pants (Wrap Pants, Knickers and Breeches)

Men's pants come in a standard size   medium and extra large.  Any size, however, can be ordered.  I need your waist, hips, total length from waist to hem and inseam to make you a perfect fit.  Size chart below reflects the largest measurement that the pants will fit comfortably. However the waist is adjustable because of elastic.

Size Chart for Wrap Pants, Knickers and Breeches
  regular xtra large
waist 36 44
hips 50 64


Men's Drawstrings

These pants are full length and therefore an extra measurement is required.  The size chart below reflects the pants that are ready to wear.  Pants can be made in any size and any length.

Size Chart for Men's Drawstrings
  regular xtra large
waist 36 44
hips 51 58
inseam 30 31
full length 42 42


Men's Venetians

These pants can be wrapped at the waist so they can fit small men or older boys.  The measurements to the right reflect how large the pants can go, but the waist may be much smaller.

Size Chart for Men's Venetians
  regular xtra large
waist 34 44
hips 50 54


Collar Shirts

Men's collar shirts follow the standard sizing for shirts.  They are roomy so you may be able to fit into a size smaller than you expect.  The sleeves are xtra long to fit the Renaissance look.

Size Chart for Men's Collar Shirts
  xtra small small medium large xtra large
chest 36 44 46 49 56
waist 36 44 46 47 54


Sailor Shirts

Men's sailor shirts have a normal length sleeve and a very gathered yoke.  The chest size indicated here is the size that the shirt can fit up to.

Size Chart for Men's Sailor Shirts
  regular xtra large
chest 64 76