Peacock Jacket

This peacock jacket was inspired by a Tibetan Shamanic healing ritual. The  gold vessel at the base represents a "boomba" which is a brass vessel that holds water.The peacock feathers represent the peacock... who is beautiful and yet eats garbage... so the peacock represents transformation. The feathers are dipped into the boomba by the Shaman as he shakes the water onto the person he is healing.

This is a hand embroidered cotton piece with swaraski crystals for the peacock eyes.
Lightweight black wool jacket moves easily with you.  Fully lined, with cuffs and raglan sleeves.Hidden pockets in side seam anda single black frog clasp at the neck adorns the jacket front.
Can easily fit a range of sizes... from 6-12..
Hand wash cold. Press with cloth.


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